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Kevin H. Chubb Scholarship Fund


Kevin Chubb

On September 17th, 2018, we lost one of our best. Kevin Chubb, known to many of you as an umpire, others of you as a volunteer with our league, passed away earlier today.

One of our best men - Kevin was a dedicated and adoring husband;  an invested and proud father.  A leader in the community, he led through his role in his church, work in volunteer organizations, and overall investment and interest in humanity.

One of our best coaches - Kevin coached before all of the current players were born. He coached great players and with great coaches, and he made them better. It was a great marriage of two of his many talents...teaching and baseball.

One of our best volunteers - Kevin continued to serve you in the "official" and very tasking position as Player Agent for Baseball, but he served far beyond those duties. Kevin genuinely cared for your young player, and was willing to do more than the average person to give them a terrific experience in our league.

One of our best officials - He officiated countless games, on baseball and softball fields, for your child. His dedication to taking games and making sure the teams could play meant many long days for him. His mentorship of new umpires was yet another example of his talent for leading and teaching being the perfect match with his passion for the game, but this time, for the "third team on the field."

The world is a better place because of you, Kevin Chubb. THANK YOU for all of the gifts. You will be missed.

Kevin H. Chubb Scholarship Fund

The Kevin H. Chubb Scholarship Fund at Longwood Babe Ruth was established to affords kids the opportunity to pursue baseball-- one of Kevin's greatest passions. 


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Tim McMullan


Phone: (407) 314-4437